Voicing Gemshorns

Voicing gemshorns can be routine or tricky, depending upon whether or not the plug can be removed from the instrument. As horn often shrinks with age, removing the plug can be impossible without destroying it. I have seen natural horn gemshorns in which the horn layers have separated, closing off the windway. I can voice these instruments, although not as reliably as recorders. In the latter case I have to remove enough of the plug to remove the separated layers, and then rebuild the plug and revoice.

While standard voicings are charged a flat rate, but difficult gemshorn cases are undertaken on a time-and-materials basis, although I may cap my fee. I consider each on a case-by-case basis. As I do not charge for evaluations, other than return shipping if necessary, it is best to let me look at these instruments first—I should be able to give a pretty good idea of how much time and complexity will be involved.