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Taylor Historic Music can also accomplish many other types of repairs:

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Specialized Repairs

Some repairs are quite unique one from the other. These include items like chipped or cracked edges, edges which have been warped down, windways which have been gouged up, and heads which have been chewed by dogs or children. The conditions necessitating these repairs are both (1) nearly fatal to the instrument and, (2) not 100% repairable.

Because they affect portions of the instrument which are critical to the instrument’s performance, and usually are also quite thin or sensitive to small changes in dimension, even the best repairs of these types usually result in a less than complete restoration of an instrument’s playing characteristics, and may not be stable after they are done. PREVENTING THIS KIND OF DAMAGE IS FAR BETTER THAN REPAIR (for example, don’t put your finger in the window to blow out moisture, or anything in the windway).

However, there are times when it is appropriate to attempt to repair a fine instrument which has been damaged. And, as long as the repair remains stable, the result can be worth the effort.

Repairs of this type are wholly dependent upon the nature and extent of the damage. I can steam warped edges back into something approximating their original place, rebuild broken edges and windways, build new plugs by hand if necessary, and undertake other work as appropriate. All of this work is taken on a time basis, although I can estimate my cost and will often cap a job which would otherwise be unreasonable.

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