Repairs: Keywork & Springs

I can regulate keywork and install new pads and springs. Missing or new custom keys can be fabricated. Keywork can be executed in brass, sterling silver, or German silver, as appropriate. Most damaged pad seats can be restored or repaired for functionality. Touches can be extended or re-shaped to suit player’s hands. Additional keys can be installed on the body of instruments to accommodate player’s hand stretches.

It should be understood that repairs involving manipulation of keywork, such as riveting and regulating, may result in damage to the keys if they are already work-hardened to the failure point. It is impossible to know in advance how hard a piece of metal is, or if a solder joint is about to fail. In the event any such failure occurs, additional repair charges over any quote may be incurred.

Standard installation of additional keys is charged a flat rate, while other work is time-based, although I may cap a job to keep it from becoming excessive.