Repairs: Evaluation & Specifying

I do not charge for evaluating instruments, other than for return shipping if needed.

I try very hard to not perform work which does not need to be done simply because someone has asked me to do so.

I would prefer to be asked to pre-evaluate and advise on anything which might need work, rather than to have you go to all the trouble and expense of shipping me an instrument, and then not having the work done which it needs. With shipping costs going out of sight these days, they are fast becoming the most expensive part of having your instrument serviced. Better to list all the problems you think you are experiencing and then see if I think there will be enough improvement to warrant the cost. I’ll advise and let you decide.

I am very conscious of improvements in the quality of the market, and will advise if I think an older instrument, even after being serviced (remember, servicing it once is a commitment to continuing this service as needed), will not be equal in value to the same money put towards a newer, higher quality instrument. Again, I will happily advise and let you make up your mind before beginning work.

When sending an instrument for work, please let me know as clearly as possible what specific problems you are having. Please describe symptoms, not remedies or causes. For example, if you tell me that the high a on a soprano recorder is hard to hit, I will know how to determine if it is a voicing problem (most likely) or a tuning problem, or both. If you don’t like the sound of a specific note, please let me know which one and describe what you are hearing as best you can. I will evaluate that problem and can tell you what remedies will be necessary.