Dale Taylor: Instrument Capabilities

Dale owns most commonly used voices of recorder. Most voices are available in baroque models at a=415, in transitional models at a=440, and in Renaissance models in both equal and ¼-comma mean-tone temperaments. He owns and plays cornetto, soprano and alto shawm, dulcian, baroque bassoon, sackbuts, crumhorns, and rankets. He can transpose up the standard minor third and fifth, or other intervals as required. He is also comfortable on most other Renaissance winds such as cornamusen, gemshorns, and the like. Dale is building a collection of early percussion instruments which he is prepared to play.

Dale’s principal instrument is recorder, and on these he is prepared to play virtually anything in the historical literature. Even if he does not own a given size of recorder, he can play it. Dale worked as Supervisor of Levin Historical Instruments, building and repairing recorders, and now operates his own repair business. He reads C, F, G, and D fingerings, and can transpose up a minor third at sight.

Dulcian is Dale’s second instrument, and he is comfortable playing the seventeenth-century solo literature, as well as consort parts appropriate to the instrument. In the latter capacity he can play loudly as a bass to shawm bands or quietly enough to blend as an eight foot bass with recorder ensembles. He enjoys fulfilling the historical role of bass to an otherwise a cappella choir. He plays on a Wood bass with no low BB-flat.

On bassoon Dale is comfortable playing continuo, in which capacity he offers added tonal color to many ensembles. He plays on a four-keyed Denner copy at a=415 by Barbara Stanley.

With Dale’s interests in alta band and seventeenth-century literature, it is no surprise he has finally succumbed to the need to learn cornetto. He is comfortable with parts including much of the seventeenth-century sonata literature, orchestral parts, and Renaissance ensemble literature, including virtuosic parts by Agricola and works in the basse dance tradition such as “T’andernakens”, which he can transpose up a fifth. He can play quietly enough to join recorders, or take the cornetto’s traditional role of backing up voices.

Dale is quite comfortable on shawms, capable of performing most ensemble literature including that from the basse dance traditions. Unlike most players, he plays in a controlled manner suitable for accompanying choirs, in the tradition of mission musical establishments in the live acoustics of historical Spanish mission churches. He plays on a Levin C soprano, a Cronin D soprano, Cronin G alto, and Korber F alto. His Cronin tenor is on order. In addition, he can transpose parts up a fifth as historically required. He can also play his dulcian as a bass to a shawm band or choir.

Repertoire Lists are available on request.