About Taylor Historic Music

Dale TaylorTaylor Historic Music is the home site for Dale Taylor’s early music efforts. Many people are already familiar with Dale from his visits to workshops, chapter meetings and other venues as a repairman for early woodwinds, a performer, and teacher of recorder and other early winds.

In addition to its various commercial aspects, the site is envisioned to become a resource with information and links of interest to early musicians, and especially those within the upper Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, and the rest of the Four Corners area.

The web site is designed to load quickly, and to allow easy and fast access to its various remote corners via the menu system at the left. Some related materials are on other websites (such as ensembles with whom Dale plays, workshops, and the like)—we cannot control how those sites are organized.

This site is not designed to be a storefront. We much prefer personal contact, especially where people’s instruments are concerned. But, we do post our schedule and information about how to contact us directly. We will list items we sell and services we provide—we just won’t be taking orders through the portal.

Thank you for your interest in early music, and your business!